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  • Rail Noise England Lnight

    Data indicating the level of noise according to the strategic noise mapping of rail sources within areas with a population of at least 100,000 people (agglomerations) and along...
  • Freight lifted

    Great Britain annual and quarterly data from 1999-00 quarter 1 up to 2013-14 quarter 3 - mass of freight goods carried on the rail network (million tonnes).
  • Freight Train movements

    The annual number of freight train movements on the GB rail network between 2003-04 and 2012-13.
  • Network Rail - Schedule

    Datafeed that extract of train schedules from the Integrated Train Planning System. To register your interest in getting access to the data feeds you will need to create an...
  • Network Rail - Real-time Public Performance Measure (RTPPM)

    Datafeed that shows the performance of trains against the timetable; measured as the percentage of trains arriving at destination on time. To register your interest in getting...
  • Network Rail - Very Short Term Plan (VSTP)

    The VSTP (Very Short Term Planning) feed provides train schedules which are due to run in the next 48 hours that aren't included in the SCHEDULE feed. To register your interest...
  • Network Rail - Trains Describer (TD)

    The Train Describer feed provides low-level detail about the position of trains and their train reporting number through a network of berths. Usually; but not always; a berth is...
  • Network Rail - Train Movements

    Datafeed that contains train positioning and movement event data. The Train Movements feed contains data from Network Rail's Train Running System (TRUST). This reports on the...
  • National Rail Enquires - Tickets

    Systems to provide real time information regarding ticket availability and prices for journeys in the UK.
  • National Rail Enquires - Promotions

    Systems to provide real time information regarding fares and ticket promotions for journeys in the UK.
  • National Rail Enquires - Train company information

    Systems to provide information regarding train companies operating in the UK.
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