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  • Freight lifted

    Great Britain annual and quarterly data from 1999-00 quarter 1 up to 2013-14 quarter 3 - mass of freight goods carried on the rail network (million tonnes).
  • Freight Train movements

    The annual number of freight train movements on the GB rail network between 2003-04 and 2012-13.
  • Port Freight Statistics

    Quarterly statistics on freight handled at UK Ports
  • Waterborne Freight in the United Kingdom

    Presents information on freight traffic moved within the UK by water transport.
  • Maritime Statistics

    Annual report containing detailed final figures on UK port traffic; as well as the UK and world shipping fleets.
  • Road Freight Statistics

    Annual publication bringing together statistics on the activity of both UK and non-UK registered heavy goods vehicles and GB-registered vans
  • Food Transport Indicators

    The Food Transport Indicators give details of UK urban food transport; HGV transport of food for UK consumption; air freight of food and total CO2 emissions from food transport...
  • Weather Observations

    Real-time UK weather information.
  • Bus Data

    Returning live departures for a specific bus stop.